You’ve probably heard the real estate mantra: “Location, location, location.” It’s the key deciding factor in your new home search – and for good reason.

The location of your home dictates a lot of things: quality of life, school choices, commute times and social interactions. Even if you find the home of your dreams, never sacrifice on location. If you can’t seem to find the right home in the right location, you might need to adjust your price range or wish list as a compromise to get into the neighborhood you love.

If you’re thinking of buying a house, consider these five location factors:


If you have children, this is probably at the top of your consideration list. Make sure you thoroughly research schools that serve the neighborhoods you’re most interested in to ensure you get the exact quality of education you want for your kids. GreatSchools.org is a fantastic website to help you do your homework; it provides school reviews, test scores, demographic snapshots and much more.

Commute Times

Pick your neighborhood wisely so you don’t wind up spending more time in traffic than actually enjoying your new home. When you embark on your home search, pay attention to how far your desired neighborhoods are from public transit (buses, commuter rails, subways, etc.), as well as major highways. Decide how much traffic you’re willing to deal with going to and from work every day and whether the tradeoff of living in your dream neighborhood is worth the extra commute time.


Do you want to live in a historic urban neighborhood? Looking for a quiet, family-friendly suburb? The quality of life you desire is dependent upon your lifestyle needs, and you want to live in a place that will, above all else, make you and your family happy. Drive through the neighborhoods you’re interested in, walk around, and visit small businesses to get a better sense of what living in those places might be like. In other words, don’t just rely on online searches and reviews to make your decision; you have to see it all for yourself.

Local Amenities

Do you want to live near amenities like restaurants, shopping and family attractions? Or are you seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle? Keep these items in mind as you embark on your home search.

Resale Value

It seems odd to think about selling down the road when you’re thinking about buying, but property values are an important consideration for buyers who might want to move again in five or 10 years. We can help you determine average prices for your target neighborhoods. Also, look at property taxes over the years to get a sense of how much (or how little) those payments could fluctuate in the future.

Let us help you find your perfect fit – great location and all.